Delaware County Sheriff’s Department

About 1950 left to right , Ralph McElwee, Harley Wornstaff, Paul Jones, Earl Snow and Earl Fravel

While gathering information about the Delaware Police Department it was only natural that I came across information on the Sheriffs Department. The following names and information were found in various records. In many cases the year was not stated. As I find additional information this list will be updated.


Name Term
Abraham WorlineUnknown
J. Thompson RippeyUnk (d. 1889)
Thomas GriffithUnknown
Solomon Smith1808
Aaron Welch1814  (d.1816)
Sanford S. Bennett1816, about
Pardon Sprague, Col.1823-1824
Daniel D. Tompkins1829
Sidney Moore, Gen.1830
Emery Moore1832
Andrew H. Patterson, Gen.1834
Andrew H. Patterson, Gen.1836
Peleg Bunker1838-1842
Francis Horr184?
Nicholas Jones1853
Elam C. Vining1853
Andrew Jackson Smith1854
Charles Sherman1859
B. C. Waters1860
Benjamin Waters1862
John W. Ladd1864
John W. Ladd1866
William Brown1868
William Brown1870
J. W. Crawford1872
G. L. Sackett1874
George L. Sackett1876
William H. Cutler1878
William H. Cutler1880
James White1886
William J. Davis1886
William J. Davis1890
Stephen P. Thrall1894-1898
Jacob M. Schaffner1899-1903
Almer C. Williamson1904-1906
Caleb M. Leonard1907-1910
Thomas B. Williams1911-1915
William Pickett1915
Abraham Lincoln Alkire1919
Fred D. Harter1923
Conner C. Lambert1927
Veley Main1929
Chester McKinnie1933-1936
Merton F. Pinney1937-1944
Earl Fravel1945-1956
Harley Wornstaff1957-1964
Eugene T. Jackson1965-1976
William B. Lavery1977-1992
Al Myers1993-Present

Items Provided by Viewers

C.M. Leonard – Sheriff 1907 to 1910

Caleb Morse Leonard

Caleb Morse Leonard was born  October 20, 1859 to Nelson Leonard and Mary Eliza Morse. Caleb’s father was born in 1824 in Kent, CT and moved to Delaware, Ohio in 1845. Where he married Mary Eliza Morse on November 17, 1852. Caleb’s mother was born in 1819. Caleb married Anna Mary Eastman in 1885. She was born to Loren Eastman and Henrietta Tiffany Farrar. They had three children: Loren Brooks Leonard 1889 to 1905; Elizabeth Eastman Leonard Winchell 1887 to 1947; and Emily Maud Leonard Lowery 1892 to 1962.

Robert Earl Milligan

Robert Earl Milligan

Prior to becoming a deputy under Mert Pinney in 1939 he was a farmer living on the Troy Road about five miles from Delaware and he also worked full time as a telegrapher for the Pennsylvania Railroad at Troyton. This was the end of the depression and money was difficult to obtain. In March of 1939 he became a deputy, and moved to Delaware living first at 392 N. Franklin Street. He later moved into Mert Pinneys house at 115 W. Central Ave. where he lived until his death in 1944. Other deputies at that time were Chet McKinney and Earl Fravel. Harley Wornstaff was a special deputy during that period also.

In 1944, he planned on running for the office of Sheriff and had made preparations to announce his intentions. A week before the announcement date he suffered a massive heart attack during his sleep and never awoke. He had a series of photos taken just before he died intending them to be used for his campaign. The above photo was one of those taken.

Paul M. Jones

Badge from Paul M. Jones, pictured in the group photo at the top of the page. Mr. Jones served as a Deputy from May 15, 1946 until May 1952. Mr. Jones stated that he also served as a Merchant Policeman with the City for about two years. His badges and the group photo at the top of the page were donated to the Delaware County Historical Society.

William “Bill” Macklin

Sgt. William “Bill” Macklin

Prior to becoming a Deputy, Bill Macklin served the Delaware Police and Fire Departments (this photo was taken in 1950-51, while Bill was working for the Police Department). In 1952 Bill became a Deputy for the Delaware County Sheriffs Department and he was soon promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He continued in that position until his death in 1974. Bill was born May 13, 1906 to Joseph and Anna Macklin, he died January 1, 1974.

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