1808 Plat Map

Explanation of the plan of the Town of Delaware

This Town is laid off into one hundred and eighty six lots containing by estimation seventy seven & one half square poles each be the same more or less six & fourth rods by twelve & one half Rods excepting lots No. 53- 54-55-56-89-90-91 & 92. Which by the variation of William Street from west 17″ to the north from Washington Street to Liberty Street. The Streets which run from north to south are Henry, Union, Sandusky, Franklin, Washington & Liberty Streets & those running from east to west are North, Winter, William, Abraham, Tamany & South Streets which cross the other Streets at right angles.

All the Streets are four poles wide except William, Abraham & Sandusky Streets which are six poles in width. The lots or squares including Delaware Run or which are not numbered extending from east to west through the Town is reserved for future disposal, or for the benefit of the Town as the proprietors may think proper hereafter.

  1. The ground for a parade or other public uses.
  2. Public square intended for public buildings.
  3. The burial ground & for religious purposes.

The larger squares are Out Lots & vary in size as will appear by their respective numbers

May 9, 1808

Henry Baldwin Moses Byxbe

By their Attoney Moses Byxbe Jr.

State of Ohio

Franklin County ss } Be it remembered that on the 9th day of March 1808 personally appeared

before me the Subscriber a Justice of the Peace in & for said County Moses Byxbe Jr. in the capacity of Attorney in fact for Henry Baldwin & Moses Byxbe the signers & sealers of the foregoing Plat & explanation of the Town of Delaware and acknowledged the same to be their free act & deed & desired the same might be recorded as such.

Given under my hand & seal. Arthur O Harra

Received the foregoing Plat for record the 9th day of March 1808 & recorded it the 11th of the same month

Adam Hosack, Recorder Franklin County

(See Book D page 409 Franklin County Ohio.)

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