Early Volunteer Companies

After the original organization of the Fire Department in 1834 by the City Council, the companies went through various changes. A reorganization of the companies took place and a Fire Association was formed in 1846.

Out of the Fire Association grew these various companies:

  • 1847-57- Olentangy Engine Company
  • 1847-57- Neptune Hose Company
  • 1847-1869- Rough and Ready Hook and Ladder Company
  • 1847 -Protection Company
  • 1856- Washington Fire Company

1857-1867- Union Company (east side)

The entire minutes of the Neptune Hose Company from 1847-1857 have been located at the Delaware County Historical Society. An original Certificate of Life Membership for five years of service, awarded to W. E. Moore in 1855 is included. Moore was one of the town’ s early politicians and later became Fire Chief. An original white ribbon with the inscription Neptune Hose and a receipt for the Rough and Ready Hook and Ladder members for the purchase of one pair pants, one cap marked “H.L.,” one belt marked R. & R.H. & L. and one flannel shirt was found with these minutes.

The first members of the Neptune Hose Company in the minutes of Jan. 5, 1847 were:

S. W. Little
C. C. Chamberlain
C. Hills
H. Mills
R. W. Reynolds
W. E. Butler
Joe Storm
W. D. Hein
C. Platt
Don Kensill

L. Hinton
S. S. Torance
A. A. Welch
John Shrub
John McElroy
G. T. Stayman
William Duden
P. Randall
H. E. Howard

The Constitution of the Neptune Hose Company stated that it would be composed of 20 men, the officers were a Foreman, a 1st and 2nd Assistant Foreman, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Monthly meetings were held at various locations -sometimes in the Sheriff’s Office, one time on the park bench in front of the Court House, and in Dr. VanDeman’s office. The uniform was established to be a fireman’s hat with “Neptune Hose Co.” painted in black letters, a red flannel-hunting shirt with black leather belt. In 1855 overalls became a part of the uniform.

Fines were established for missing fires – 50 cents, missing exercise meetings – 20 cents, and not appearing at a fire or exercise meeting in uniform – 50 cents. A member could be suspended or expelled for not conforming.

The first member appearing at the scene of a fire manned the pipe (nozzle).

A Parade uniform was approved consisting of a red calico shirt ($1.37), checkered cap, black pants and patent leather belt.

The various fire companies appeared to stay in existence until 1870 when the first full time paid drivers for the steamers, hose reel, hook and ladder were converted to horse drawn vehicles.

Volunteers called “Minute Men” supported the paid members.

Other members of the Neptune Hose Company were:

J. P. Brown
C. A. Powers
Lewis Kossette
J. H. Crawford
George Gardiner
James Andrews
Paul Van Winkle
A. Kinsells
D. W. Rhodes
D. Kinsell
C. Lattimer
William Robinson
Jacob Kruck
C. A. Wheeler
Alex Powell
G. Shively
W. H. Bruce
Robert Cox
George Nelson
E. Eastman
G. R. Finch
A.B. Shaeffer
M. M. A. Root
A. A. Evans
T. T. Woodruff
U. Christ Albright

E. Willey
Augustin Richards
Charles Ely
William Stephens
Jesse Brown
Alex Dunlap
George Metzger
E. Rusted
J. 0. Hardin
E. J. Bruner
L. G. Bartlett
G. W. Sharp
John Risher
H. McCullugh
I. Bumham
Dr. John D. VanDeman
H. Humphreys
Dan Martin
Joe VanDeman
F. Lattimer
Lewis W. Little
George W. Sharp
M. D. Pettibone
John Danglan
Frank Hays
Tom Oweston

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