Fire Trumpets

Fire Trumpets

Fire trumpets were used in the early days for the chief officers to shout orders to the firemen at the scene of a fire. The department still has three of the original trumpets in its possession. One is engraved “Chief Engineer -Delaware Fire Dep’t,” another is engraved, ” Ass’t. Engineer -Delaware Fire Dep’t.” and the third trumpet is engraved, “Rough & Ready Hook and Ladder Co.” They are made of nickel and silver.

Council minutes in 1868 indicate that approval was given to purchase two such trumpets for the “Chief Engineer and Ass’t. Engineer” for $24.00 each from the Adam Price abd. Co., 20 John Street, New York City. Attempts were made to trace these trumpets by writing the International Silver Co. in Meriden, Connecticut since one trumpet had a Meriden trademark on it. The company was able to confirm that all three trumpets were made in the 1860’s. The Meriden Britannia Co. had been the predecessor of the International Silver Co. These trumpets and the confirmed information provide valuable heritage to the Delaware Fire Department.

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