In 1834 when the Delaware Fire Department was first organized, all personnel were volunteers or “Minute Men,” as they were referred to, until approximately 1870 when full-time drivers for the various pieces of apparatus were hired. It was at that time that the apparatus such as the steamers, the ladder wagon, the hose reel and chemical units became horse drawn necessitating drivers. These drivers, in 1870, became the first full-time fire department for the Village of Delaware. All other personnel were Minute Men. The use of Minute Men to augment the department continued until the early 1960’s when the department became fully paid.


Ed Potter -1834- Capt. Of #l district north of Winter St.

Henry Moore -1834- Capt. of #2 district south of Winter St.

W. Miller- 1858
John Carahan –1869
Nick White –1870
Richard Nieffee –1870
P. M. Courter –1870
Jacob Kruck –1870
Lewis Smith –1870
C. V. Oweston –1870
Charles Cronkelton –1870
William Bran –1870
William Gannon –1871
William Shea –1871
Charles Welsh –1871
George Decker –1871
N. E. Turner- 1871
J. B. Thompson –1871
Joe Neville -1871-1901
Thomas Oweston –1871
George Perry –1871
Dave Stimmel- 1871
N. Waggens –1871
Frank Miller -1871
E. K. Mi11er- 1871
Solomon Sackrider –1872
George Krause –1872
Charles Riddle -1898-1901
Ed Decker -1898 –1901
George Heller –1898
Elmer Watson –1898
E. R. Freiley –1898
Summer Welch –1898
T. Jameson –1898
Dan Smith -1898-1901
C. Clarke –1898
H. Cunningham –1898
William Traxler –1898
L. Swickheimer -1898-1901
Charles Edleman -1898-1901
William Fritz -1898-1901
William B. Kane- 1898-1901
H. Hovey -1898-1901
Albert Weiser –1895
Jacob Kruch –1895
Enos Watcher -1895


J. W. Davis
 Dan Smith
Ed Finley
Joe Long
Walter Loop
Burt Dunham
William Wohlheater
Harry Bargdill
Conner Lambert
Lovis Engeroff
Sam Jones
W. B. Clevenger
Art Dennis
Wilber Baker
Long Swickheimer
George Bowser
Sam Kelley
Harry Keiser
W. D. Drennan
Art Reese
Robert Fanner
W. A. Shively
Dan Skatz
Herbert Reese
Bob Dall
George Shuster
Dwight Barkeloo
Henry Banks
Paul Ruder
Walter Farrand
Cliff Thompson
Ivan Wallace
Cliff Reese
Morris Newell
Ail Rhoades
Roy Wallace
Don Engeroff
Leon Dunham
Asa Bowers
Clarence Wallace


J. W. Davis
Dan Smith
Louis Engeroff
Paul Ruder
Clarence Wallace
Bob Dall
Leo Dunham
Herbert Reese
Ralph Hagar
Cliff Thompson
Ernie Swearengin
Bob Bradford
Carl Zimmerman
Orie Ross
John Saulsbury
George Blair
Don Engeroff
Art Dennis
Dwight Barkeloo
Walter Farrand
George Shuster
Forest Showalter
Norris May
Harold Smith
Ralph Cellers
Walter Reese
Bob Sartwell
Orville Newell


Clarence Wallace
Clarence Reichelderfer
Gilman Dickey
Cliff Thompson
George Blair
Harold Bills
Earl Butts
Alton Brenneman
Dwight Barkeloo
George Shuster
Ralph Converse
Carrol Thompson
Charles Mather
Sam Kelly
William Macklin
Robert Zimmer
Byron Hoffer
William Adams
Paul Krouse
Paul Watson
Brooks Semple
Elmer Darst
Earl Powers
Frank Bobb
Bob Marston
Vern Thomas
Bob Hart
Jake Rupple
E. Fry
Marvin Steiner
Tom Andrews
Milton Shonting
Fran Andrews
John Liggett
Richard Ward
Robert Downing
Paul Osbom
William Shaw
Ellis Miller
John Eley
Bob Johnson
Paul Crumb


Bob Hart
Paul Crumb
Ellis Miller
Elmer Darst
Richard Ward
Robert Johnson
Dwight Barkeloo
E. Frye
Carroll Thompson
James Pliickebaum
Jim Haas
Bob Freeman
Jim Petit
Bob Zimmer
Paul Crumb
Earl Powers
Robert Downing
Fran Andrews
Clarence Wallace
Frank Bobb
Donald Morris
Earl Butts
Dale Simpkins
John Morris
Russell Estelle
Art Ruth

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