History of DCGS

Celebrating our 24 th year 1984/85  –  2009 

The following information was reported in the November 1984 Delaware Genealogist: In September 1984, Maxine Marshall, the OGS representative, gathered together a group of people interested in genealogy at a meeting at the Delaware County District Library. It was decided to form a new genealogy club.

The following officers were named:

Maxson Greene           President

Alice Baker                  Vice President

Ann Houser                 Treasurer

Betty Wells                  Recording Secretary

Eleanor Worley           Corresponding Secretary

George and Marilyn Cryder and Betty Wells were on a committee to draw up a constitution that was then approved at the October meeting. Members of the Delaware County Historical Society offered their facility at 157 E. William St. in Delaware, and it was agreed that future meetings would be held there.

The purpose of the society is to encourage individual research, support the objectives of the Ohio Genealogical Society, collect and preserve genealogical & historical records, and to publish such records if advisable. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in genealogy, and annual dues were set at $5 single or $7 joint membership.

May 18, 1985, the Ohio Genealogical Society granted a charter to Delaware County as a chapter of the OGS. The plaque is currently displayed at the DCHS/DCGS Research Library. In addition to the officers previously named, our first trustees, Laury Helton, Judith Freed, and W. Harold Nutt signed the charter.

There were 83 charter members:

Alice Baker                                          Denise Blain

Vivian E Boerger                                 Roy & May Bossert

Margaret Bouic                                    Annamae Boyd

Jane Brundige                                    Helen Burns

Mary Carr                                            Norma Coleman

Wm/Catherine.Cross                         Geo/Marilyn Cryder

Mary Ann Cummins                            Cynthia Diehl

Mary Eagon                                         Clara Edelblute

James Fathbruckner                           Rex B Finley

Nancy Foster                                      Helen Foster

James/Judi Freed                               Leo H Garman

Joyce Geissler                                    Nancy Gilliam 

James H Gordon                                 Maxson Greene

Levi J Hall                                            Diana Hamm  

Laury Helton                                        Minnie Helton

Thelma Hiers                                      Glorean Nutt Higgins

Shirley Hooker                                     Ann Houser

Louise Howison                                  Marjorie Humes

Jeannie Kessler                                  Charlotte Kuhns

Harold/Helen Lowry                             Roger A Lowry

Maxine Marshall                                  Mildred McNeal

Helen McMillan                                    Virginia Mitchell

Mary M Montgomery                            David C Morris

Larry Newhouse                                  Harold/Annabel Nutt

Din Paxton                                          Thelma B Powell

Melanie Pratt                                       Betty Reams

Dorothy Robinson                               Stacy Rogers

Gloria Schultz                                     Eloise Shively

Dorman Stein                                      Paul/Margaret Stimmel

Ellen Sulser                                         Cuba Vance

Barbara Veley                                     Doris Glade Vogel

B Weldon                                            Betty Wells

Agnes B Welsh                                  Lawrence/Dee Wenger

Margaret Wickham                             Ruth Wilson

Eleanor Worley                                   Judith Wrinkle

Julia Yoder                                          Bonita Young

The original newsletter staff was:

Alice Baker                              Editor

Eleanor Worley                       Queries

Betty Wells                              Courthouse

Jim Fathbruckner                    Programs

George Cryder                        Labels

Jim Freed                                Surname Index

The Board assembled the newsletters.

As an offshoot of the Delaware County Genealogical Society, the Delaware County Pioneers (DCP) began in 1988 to recognize the early residents of Delaware County. Descendants must prove their lineage back to an ancestor residing here before December 31, 1850 to become a Silver Member, or to an ancestor who resided here before December 31, 1830 to become a Gold Member. The first annual DCP recognition banquet was held in October 1988 at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. There are now over 300 Pioneers.

Jana Freed, daughter of James & Judi Freed, designed a pin to be presented to each incoming Pioneer along with their certificate.

Through the years, our volunteers have abstracted various courthouse records to make them available to researchers at the DCHS/DCGS Research Library.

In the 1990’s, they walked the cemeteries of Delaware County to record inscriptions on markers, and published township books of those cemetery readings.

We have created note cards & postcards and published a cookbook, Recipes & Remembrances of Family and Friends. In 2008, we published an outhouse calendar, the Old Delaware book of photos, and a deck of Delaware County souvenir playing cards. All have been very well received and are available for purchase.

We have routinely purchased census films and other research materials for the use of visitors to the library. Our volunteers staff the library & have helped researchers from throughout the United States. We support the Delaware County Historical Society in various ways.

We hold program meetings monthly, September through June of each year. These informative meetings are open to the public and are usually held on the first Tuesday evening of the month.

Our volunteers are presently working on indexing & making available the Delaware County Common Pleas records. We have an ongoing project of the same nature with the Delaware County Probate records. Volunteering and memberships are always encouraged.

President:  Paul Clay 

Vice President:  Gwen Hiles 

Financial Secretary – June Feuillerat 

Recording Secretary:  Karen Gay 

Corresponding Secretary: Millie Barnhart

Trustees:  June Feuillerat (10) 

      Susan Ratcliffe & Judi Hill (11)

      Don Crothers & Judy Dolfinger (09)


Librarian: Larry Dulin

Newsletter Editor: Connie Minor

Indexer: June Feuillerat

Photography: Larry Minor

            Delaware County Pioneers Chair: Crystal Kohler

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